Home Remedies for Mens Yeast Infection

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Home Remedies for Mens Yeast Infection

Mens Yeast InfectionMens yeast infection also known as penile yeast infection is a fungal infection caused by candida albicana fungus. Most of the time men get yeast infection due to unsafe sex with yeast-infected woman. During intercourse yeast from vagina of woman can move up to urethra of male and inhabit prostate glands by traveling all through urethral canal. Where it can grow and multiply causing all sorts of prostate troubles and infections.

Another site that is well worth taking a look at if vagina odor is a particular issue for you is the vaginal smells website. There is a lot of information there if you are affected.

Apart from sexual intercourse other causes of mens yeast infection are wearing tight clothes, sharing pool, bath tub etc with infected person, consuming excessive coffee, alcohol, red meat and junk foods. Eating processed foods containing yeast-fermented products is also found to provide growth of yeast in body.

Since a vaginal yeast infection is more easily detected in females, quite often a male will find out about the infection from his female partner.  He may well have contracted it from her.  Understandably, most mens would rather avoid the doctor, if at all possible, for such a condition.

There are many penile yeast infection home remedies available that can work better than the anti-fungal creams or medications with side effects a physician may prescribe.

Some Of the Common Mens Yeast Infection Symptoms

Men will have the following symptoms appear to show when dealing with a yeast infection

  • Pain during intercourse.
  • itching, burning with urination,
  • flaky white skin
  • Feeling like burning during urination.
  • Rashes over penis shaft or tip.
  • Swelling, tenderness and pain on infected area of penis.
  • In some cases a discharge is also reported.

If you start off treating the symptoms immediately, you will get better results.

As soon as you notice that you have a yeast infection, you need to attend to this problem right away. The overall better choice for a yeast infection in men is the natural approach.

But even if you notice any of these infections you cannot be sure that you are suffering with yeast infection. If you notice all these symptoms are nonspecific and there could be different reasons other than yeast infection for suffering with these symptoms. So it is in your best interest to consult a doctor and go for professional diagnosis for yeast infection.

There are several over the counter medications available for treating yeast infection. Creams and drugs used for vaginal yeast infection are also effective for treating penile yeast infection. But you should be aware of side effects these drugs and creams could cause to you.

You may also consider using natural remedies for yeast infection, as they are side effect free and extremely effective.

Vinegar is the main natural remedy for mens yeast infection. If you apply it repeatedly, your itchiness can be relieved in a matter of days. The use of a topical cream is also useful. If you already suffer from chronic candidiasis, a topical formula might not work. You have chronic candidiasis when you have had this infection many times within a year and may need to see a physician.

Several other Home Remedies for Mens Yeast Infection are very effective as well. tea tree oil yeast infection, oregano oil, and cinnamon oil all contain anti fungal properties and are applied topically.  Taking garlic capsules works well too. For the hardy garlic cloves, a few can be consumed or the oil applied directly to the penis.  Coconut oil and coconut milk have fatty acids that are effective against fungus.  In addition, coconut oil can be applied topically.

Natural remedies are only help you in getting rid of mens yeast infection but these remedies can also provide you a preventive shelter from rebounding of yeast infection.

The root cause of the issue can be eliminated using holistic-based remedies along with some natural yeast infection home remedies. You will be lessening the opportunity of another yeast infection to appear, and as a result, leads you to long-term success.

There is an embarrassment attached to yeast infection in men. But you will avoid this situation when using a natural home remedy. You can do this from home all on your own.

Mens yeast infection can sometimes be hard to deal with if you do not have the proper knowledge on what you should do. Learning how to remedy your penile yeast infection should be at the top of your priority list amongst other things.. However yeast is just a pain in the butt. Literally. Knocking it out and stopping your itching, burning, and uncomforted is the whole reason this educational blog started in the first place.