the causes and treatments for vaginal yeast infections

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The Causes And Treatments for Vaginal Yeast Infections

When a kind of naturally occurring fungus called candida or yeast in our body multiply abnormally and over grows in large numbers they cause infections, no exception vaginal yeast infections. They mostly occur in moist parts of body for yeast infections are Vaginal area. The warm, moist environment of vaginal provides them ideal conditions to inhabit and grow rapidly in vaginal.

There is a high possibility that infections are contracted in the female reproductive organ. However, since genitals are something that not people would like to publicly talk about, you can be sure that there’s a hush when it comes to genital-related illnesses.

One of this is vaginal yeast infections. See, have you ever heard of anyone shouting in public that she has yeast infection? Most of the time, people get really embarrassed because of this kind of situation. However, these infections can be managed with the guidance of a professional.

The causes of vaginal infection can differ from one case to the next. It seems that there are a lot of avenues where one can contract such a medical condition.

Almost every woman suffers with yeast infection at least once in her lifetime. Vaginal yeast infection is common in childbearing ages. Women are more susceptible of vaginal yeast infections during pregnancy due to several hormonal changes taking place in her body. Also after menopause when estrogen levels decreases and vagina becomes less acidic vagina becomes more susceptible to such infections.

Common symptoms of vaginal yeast infections are: itching and burning sensations in feminine, swelling and soreness on vulva, pain during intercourse and urination and in some cases a whitish cottage like discharge.

As all of those symptoms are nonspecific, often women misdiagnose themselves. Almost 70% of women treating themselves for vaginal infection are actually not having any yeast infection. Consuming anti-bacterial drugs for long under such circumstances can be dangerous, as actual problem remains untreated. Also patient may develop drug-resistance for these antibiotics.

Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Sexual intercourse
    If your partner have it, it is likely that you can also get the condition after having sexual intercourse-even just for once. Let your partner wear condom to ensure your protection. Or better yet, make sure that the two of you are free of any sexually related problem.
  • Red Meat, Junk Food and fermented Product.
    Avoid eating red meat, junk foods and fermented products that contain yeast. Avoid excess coffee, alcohol and dairy products.
  • Cotton Clothing
    Try to wear cotton loose clothing and avoid tight clothes that inhibit free air flow to skin. Always keep your genital area clean and dry.
  • Do not use scented sprays, perfumes and lotions that can aggravate yeast growth. Never share bathing tub or swimming pools with infected people.
  • Diabetes
    This might be the most unpopular, but diabetes can very well play a role in this kind of problem. Sugar is yeast’s food so diabetics are likely to contract yeast infection. It is for this reason that they tend to multiply in the organs of persons with diabetes.

Other Vaginal Conditions

Yeast infection might be a symptom of another medical condition. If you have recurring yeast inflammation, better take the time to see your doctor. Ask for a check-up to ascertain your situation. Aside from understanding the causes, you also need to know how you would be able to manage this kind of challenge.

The first step is to have you checked up by a gynaecologist. The training of doctors ensures that they are capable of ascertaining the causes and treatment for your condition. Thus, you can vouch that they can give you vaginal yeast infections cure options.

Depending on your current health, you might be recommended for topical or oral medication. This kind of vaginal infections can very well be up for oral medication and would very much be advisable to those that are frequently outside the comforts of their own homes. They can pop a pill whenever and wherever they need to do so.

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