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The Truth about Vaginal Odor

Vaginal Odor – Introduction

A vaginal odor is normal in women at times, since the reproductive organ has a natural smell that is either neutral or not offensive to people. There are other people who believe that the so-called natural odor is dependent on the judgment of a person or the perception of the individual smelling.

"vaginal odor"Vaginal odor becomes a problem when the smell becomes too unpleasant, strong or when it develops a characteristic fishy smell or one similar to dried urine. But the problem resulting from a foul odor is not only a physical one since the presence of this unpleasant vaginal odor is indicative of a genital infection or other serious gynecological problems; but it can also affect other aspects of the woman’s life such as mental and emotional stress due to frequent worrying and mood changes, or social dysfunction as a result of shame, being awkward or a feeling of embarrassment from having a bad odor.

This problem with an unpleasant vaginal odor is something that would be discussed in this article.

How Your Habit Can Affect Vaginal Odor

As previously mentioned, there is a normal vaginal odor since the vagina is still a mucus membrane and its secretions tend to have a characteristic scent. However, certain habits can influence odor turn them from being neutral to a pungent one.

One of the most common habits is the lack of good hygiene practices. Regularly taking a bath is important since it tends to clean the body as a whole even if one washes the vaginal area, body odor can aggravate the odor to become a strong one. Also, a soap that is mild, plain or unscented together with warm water is advised to be used for washing oneself since it is effective in removing dried sweat, dead skin and excess moisture.

Vaginal douching or washing the inner aspect of the vaginal canal may be a common practice to keep the genital area clean, but it is not a helpful one in controlling vaginal odor since it tends to alter the normal flora of the reproductive area, and may make things worse.

The preference for garments such as nylon, wool and others that does not absorb moisture as underwear can make vaginal odor worse with the perspiration causing the foul smell. The use of leather and synthetic clothes can limit the ventilation around the said region so instead of allowing air back and forth thus reducing the offensive odor, the scent becomes collected and worsens.

The inappropriate use of tampons, panty liners and sanitary napkins are also common vaginal odor causes for worsening the scent. These materials are commonly used when a woman is experiencing her monthly period. However, there are some women who forget that they are wearing one or have forgotten that they still have the tampon in their vagina, which causes an unpleasant vaginal odor especially when the blood has already dried up.

Aside from hygiene and self-care, there are other health habits that can influence vaginal odor. A diet that is high in red meats, spicy foods and dairy products can make not only the feces and the body smell bad, but it can also contribute to the smelly vaginal by making it more offensive than usual.

Lack of exercise and sedentary lifestyle causing increased weight and obesity can make vaginal odor more offending as a result of the fat limiting the ventilation and creating a port for the collection of sweat, skin oil and other moisture which when dried and accumulated causes an unpleasant scent.

Change Your Lifestyle – Change Your Vaginal Odor


According to various health care websites and advice from experts, the concept of cleaning the vaginal area to address vaginal odor must be completely clarified to the client. Some patients tend to think of cleaning the genitals as merely focusing on the genital area.

vaginal-odorThere are some people who think that the odor can be controlled by vaginal douching even if one does not take a bath regularly. Douching can cause more harm than help since the water tends to irritate the vaginal area, disturb the natural bacterial flora in the area and even create an environment suitable to the overgrowth of fungi. Vaginal douching can also lose the acidity of the vagina and upset the ability of the membrane to resist the growth of foreign and pathogenic organisms in the mentioned area.

The manner of washing the vaginal area can also contribute to vaginal odor since one may do the cleaning inappropriately such that fecal matter may be transmitted from the anal region to the vaginal area, which causes not only vaginal infection but possibly urinary tract infection as well.

Instead, taking a complete bath is advised since sweat can travel from the upper body down to the genital area thus by showering one can remove them, and at the same time control body odor, because there are times when an unpleasant vaginal odor is mistaken for an offensive body odor.

Additionally, controlling the problem by cleaning must not be taken overboard such as using vaginal sprays, feminine deodorants and scented washes. These things can indeed address the vaginal odor but it may cause irritation in the skin around the genital area and the vaginal canal which necessitates not only addressing the problem by cleaning but other measures.


A change in the manner of dressing and wearing clothes can prevent having a bad vaginal odor. It must be emphasized that wearing clothes that are loose-fitting, capable of absorbing moisture and does not limit ventilation must not only apply for undergarments but for the whole wardrobe as well. Smelly Vaginal is managed by wearing a comfortable set of underwear but if there is still sweating around the body; it may travel and become trapped in the skin folds around the perineum.

Aside from that, these undergarments particularly very invasive ones such as thongs must be regularly washed and may only be worn for a day. Sometimes, the bad odor is only caused by the lingerie not being regularly cleaned.


A diet that can potentially influence the vaginal odor and make it more undesirable can be changed by following certain tips on dietary modification. Strong spices such as garlic, onion, paprika and chili causes an increased amount of sweating in the body and can also make the vaginal odor vary. Meat, milk products whether milk or cheese and alcohol upon metabolism in the body produces more nitrogenous substances that can potential the offending odor and make them more offensive. Foods that are high in sugar such as breads, pastries and cakes; and coffee must also be limited in amount since these tend to provide nourishment for both bacteria and fungi, thus creating conditions that foster an unpleasant smell.

The foods that were mentioned above should not be completely avoided, but they must be taken in limited amounts only. A substitution of fruits and vegetables particularly citrus ones because they have a fresh and zesty scent, is advised to make the vaginal odor milder and control the pH level of the vagina.


Another cause of an offending vaginal odor is the presence of sexually transmitted infection or the lack of adequate sexual hygiene. Wearing condoms especially when having a casual sexual intercourse may prevent transmission of certain diseases, plus it must be emphasized that condoms must not be reused. Smelly Vaginal can also be managed by washing before and after sex so as to remove excess secretions and moisture on the mentioned area.


Smelly vagina is indeed a problem to a lot of women, but one does not have to look far and pay much to resolve this problem. Sometimes, the best remedies for vaginal odor can be found at home and through modifying unhealthy practices.

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  1. I had a foul smelling vagina discharge, I met up with my Doctor and was pescribed a vaginal insert tablet which stopped my discharge but I still have the foul smell. What’s the remedy for it please?

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